Cablevision is the leading digital cable operator and entertainment company in Lebanon providing royalty paid channels with a perfect sound and picture quality. Our network is transmitted on a fully digital Microwave system to ensure crystal clear video resolution and CD quality audio output without any degradation or interruption of services.

Cablevision is Lebanon’s favorite premium TV service, with 111 superb channels bringing you the world’s latest top-rated film shows, sports, documentaries, music, cartoons, mini-series, news and fashion.

Our primary objective is to ensure excellence in all aspects of our operations, from offering state-of-the-art, audio, video, cable TV and multimedia services to providing outstanding customer services and unparalleled value in entertainment and communication today – and into the future.

By introducing the new digital system to our network, Cablevision can offer high-speed downloading Internet access and in the near future extra–added services such as Interactive Digital Network, NVOD and PPV.

In short, peace of mind, absolute satisfaction, sophisticated yet user-friendly system and professional service are all within your hands by simply making Cablevision your choice